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Electric and hybrid vehicles – are they right for me?

With innovation and incentives moving at a fast pace, there are more reasons than ever to change your business's fleet.

Will I save on fuel?

From just 4p/mile* electric vehicles can significantly reduce your fuel costs.

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* Based on research from August 2017 conducted by Arval UK Limited using 12p per kWh.

Will I save on tax?

Electric and hybrid vehicles enjoy tax benefits including BIK (company car tax), road tax and congestion charges.

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How far can I drive?

With improved batteries and increased charging speeds, range anxiety will no longer be an issue.

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Charging solutions to meet your needs

With a range of options available there is a charging solution to suit your business whatever the size.

Where can I charge?

We can arrange charging options for workplace, at home and on the go.

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How long does it take to charge?

Rapid and fast chargers take between 20 minutes to 4 hours to recharge your vehicle.

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How do I manage my charging solution?

Cloud based software solution provides full management and billing facilities.

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Powering your electric vehicles

Energy supply tailored to meet your needs.

Is it green energy?

EDF Energy are the UK's largest generator of low-carbon energy, we are leading the change towards a cleaner environment.

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Is an electric vehicle tariff available?

Dedicated electric vehicle tariff for SMEs and bespoke contracts for larger businesses.

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How easy is it to switch?

We make it easy for you to sign up and give you plenty of reasons to want to.

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